• Special Series Bars

    Wholegrain and protein bars are specially created for nutrition in conditions of increased physical activity and psychological stress. Bars of four types have high nutritional value and effectively compensate for energy loss. Product contents is worked out together with nutritionists. Each bar is made for its own purpose: Charge - Quickly brings you lots of energy; Always Ready - Helps to adopt to stress; Always on Top - Increases strength and stamina; Spot-on - Strengthens visual acuity.

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  • BON Bars

    BON bar is an optimal balance of benefits and calories! Each bar contains a unique combination of flakes, cereals, nuts, seeds, dried berries and fruits. A special cooking technology allows to retain grains’ hale. BON bars is an optimal combination of proteins and carbs in order to maintain energy. It is your reliable partner against excess weight. Perfectly stills hunger, gives a feeling of fullness.

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  • Class! Bars

    Balanced composition and high content of useful ingredients make it possible to offer this product for nutrition of school-aged children.

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  • Crackers

    Crackers are rich in vitamins and microelements making them not only tasty but also useful. A balanced complex of vitamins (A, D, E, K, C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, biotin) stimulates immune system, helps bone strengthening, reduces the need for insulin, maintains normal vision, helps lowering blood cholesterol.

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  • BON Muesli

    Cereal flakes are rich in natural vitamins, microelements and antioxidants. Ideally suited to those who watch their figure!

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About Company

HEALTHY FOOD is a manufacturer of functional nutrition, dietary and diabetic products.

Together with doctors and nutritionists, we have developed unique products with health-promoting effects. The Company is a numerous winner of various exhibitions on regional and all-Russia levels, was awarded nine gold and one silver medals as well as multiple diplomas.

The benefits of our products is in the richest composition of useful ingredients, which include natural vitamins, microelements, macronutrients and antioxidants. This provides for a higher nutritional value per unit of calories.

Manufactured products


OOO PROIZVODSTVENNOE Ob'edinenie "Dia-Vesta" is a dynamically developing company since 1999 creates healthy products. The name "Deer" "dear" - dear, sweet, Vesta - Vesta is a Roman goddess, the guardian of the hearth and fire - sounds trueh ealth care, human well-being.

The latest news

The results of the competition "Best entity of small and medium-sized businesses of the Novosibirsk region"

Following the results of competition "best entity of small and average business of the Novosibirsk...

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"Dia-Vesta", pharmacy network "Zero pain" welcome every customer

August 12 was the Grand opening of the pharmacy "Zero pain" on Broad street. The company "Dia-Vesta"...

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Christmas gifts from the company "Dia-Vesta"

Are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Christmas gift sets from the company...

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