About Company

HEALTHY FOOD is a manufacturer of functional nutrition, dietary and diabetic products.

Together with doctors and nutritionists, we have developed unique products with health-promoting effects. The Company is a numerous winner of various exhibitions on regional and all-Russia levels, was awarded nine gold and one silver medals as well as multiple diplomas. The benefits of our products is in the richest composition of useful ingredients, which include natural vitamins, microelements, macronutrients and antioxidants. This provides for a higher nutritional value per unit of calories.

The results are achieved by innovative recipes of products prepared from natural high-quality domestic raw materials. A number of products contain probiotics (a complex of live bifidobacteria of lactobacilli), which are protected by a special coating.

All products are packed in convenient individual packages of 30 - 60g each. Expiration dating period is from 7 to 12 months at a room temperature, at that all nutritional and biologically active substances are well kept. Products are made without genetically modified foods, preservatives, artificial coloring agents or chemical additives, which allows them to be used without any special restrictions.

Our products have a beneficial effect on many functions of the body:

  • promote good health at increased exercise and extreme conditions
  • fortify immune system
  • help restoring eupepsia
  • help to lose weight
  • serve to prevent diabetes
  • improve reproductive function
  • reduce cholesterol level

We work to develop a healthy food culture, and offer to buy only natural, tasty and healthy products.